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De Gilde Group BV is your partner in the project-based deployment of technical personnel both inside the country and abroad. De Gilde Group has many years of experience, working with a fixed team of employees. De Gilde Group knows the qualities of its employees which means they can be deployed to best effect in accordance with their strengths.

Specialties of De Gilde Groep



De Gilde Group has extensive expertise and experience in industry segments including Oil & Gas, (Petro) Chemistry, Infrastructure Technology (medium and high voltages), Food, and Energy. Our projects in these markets are varied: from cable car assembly and connection works to commissioning and operational set up.

Turnaround of maintenance: De Gilde Group are specialists in mechanical and electronic engineering. This knowledge in our team allows us to positively conclude projects together with our clients. In this, we focus on the project requirements of our clients. Prior to the project, we discuss the requirements with the client and subsequently we determine the set up and use of knowledge that is the best match for the scope of the project. We assemble teams of E(&I) technicians, Mechanical technicians as well as Engineers and (Pre) Commissioning Engineers for both national and international projects. 

Shipbuilding and yacht building

De Gilde Group has extensive experience of various projects in the field of Ship and Yacht building, including both electrical as well as mechanical installations.

Our employees in Shipbuilding have experience in the cost-effective building of installations on board of coasters and inland vessels, but also with more complex installations such as Navcom systems on board cable-layers, jacking rigs and cutter suction dredgers.

Installations in Yacht building (yachts of 45 up to 150 metres) require an eye for detail and precision. De Gilde Group specialists possess knowledge of piping and engine room controls up to Navcom and entertainment systems.

Infrastructure technology

The reliability of our infrastructure network is more important than ever. De Gilde Group is regularly deployed in the conversion and maintenance of 380 KV stations, but also in the construction and maintenance of wind turbine parks (on and off shore). In addition, we support various clients in the civil sector in the construction of installations for bridges and locks, tunnels and rail (Metro).

Cabinet panel building

In Industry, Shipbuilding and Non-residential Constructions, the building of control cabinets and power distributors is an art in itself. De Gilde Group has years of experience in the building and converting of main switchboards and high voltage distributors among others, as well as control cabinets for the Shipbuilding Industry.

Non-residential constructions

The non-residential construction sector is a dynamic market that requires flexibility, widely ranging expertise and speed. At De Gilde Group, we have extensive experience in projects ranging from measuring and control techniques for climate control in hospitals, up to home automation applications in care homes and fire alarm installations in office buildings.


We support our clients by offering temporary or long-term solutions in technical services. Our employees have very specific knowledge of Electrical and Mechanical engineering services. The technical services specialists have experience in sectors and industries including Paper and Cardboard, Food, Synthetic and Rubber, Packaging, Oil and Gas, Chemistry and with various water authorities.

De Gilde Group can offer technical services solutions in two ways:


De Gilde Group offers solutions in the form of secondments. De Gilde Group will select an employee or candidate who can be deployed on secondment basis by our client. This is done using the same provisions as for any other employee of the client. After a predetermined secondment period, our client is able to hire the employee.

Recruitment and selection

De Gilde Group selects a candidate. Once client and candidate have come to an agreement regarding conditions and contract, they enter into a direct employment relationship. Because of our extensive network in the various sectors and technical services, De Gilde Group is able to offer suitable solutions for every client in a short space of time.


De Gilde Group are specialists in the implementation of complex and high-quality construction works. We lead the field when it comes to knowledge, and are a powerful organisation that is able to react flexibly to the projects of our clients.

With an experienced and expert team of construction specialists, including project managers, work planners, contractors, foremen and (shuttering) joiners, we control the whole construction process and our clients/customers can be assured of a systematic and constructive collaboration.

De Gilde Group Construction & Civil guarantees a safe, effective and efficient execution of construction projects in all market segments.


Civil concrete construction

De Gilde Group has experience with the execution of whole or part components in civil concrete construction, including tunnels, viaducts, bridges, wind turbine parks, locks and waste incinerators. The components are mostly made from concrete and are built by means of traditional custom work and various formworks.


Non-residential and utilities construction 

In Non-residential and utilities construction, De Gilde Group is responsible for part or complete execution of concrete works. This includes foundations, flooring and walls. The specialists of De Gilde Group are familiar with the various formwork systems as well as traditional custom work. In addition, De Gilde Group also has experience and expertise when it comes to hydraulic slip-forming applications, and they are specialists in the finishing phase.


House construction  

In house construction, De Gilde Group safeguards the efficient, high-quality implementation of both small and large-scale projects. In this, De Gilde Group specialises in foundations, walls, cellars and floors. In addition, De Gilde Group specialists also have experience with various formworks systems, including tunnel formworks.


Renovation and restoration 

De Gilde Group is a partner in the execution of renovation projects, which range from the restoration of landmark buildings to large-scale renovation projects. The expert team of specialists at De Gilde Group also collaborates on remedial works that result from earthquake damage. Asbestos removal is also one of our areas of expertise.


De Gilde Group offers much more than just technical support. For a number of years, De Gilde Group has already been involved in the wide-ranging provision of production personnel. Flexibility and speed are our core values in this area. Because De Gilde Group manages a large pool of employees, it is able to quickly scale up as well as down at various production companies. This has resulted in De Gilde Group being widely represented in both the food industry and the packaging industry.

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